Jolly Roving Tar
- traditional

Ships May Come, and ships may go,
As long as the seas do roll.
Each sailor lad, just like his dad,
He loves the Flowing bowl.
A trip ashore, he does adore,
With a girl that's plump and Round.


But when your money's all gone

It's the same old song:

'Get up Jack; John, sit down'.

Come along, come along

Me jolly brave boys,

There's lots more grog in the jar.

We'll plow the briny ocean

With a jolly rovin' tar

When Jack gets in, It's then he'll steer
For some old boarding house.
He's welcomed in, with Rum and Gin,
They'll feed him on Pork Scouse.
He'll lend and spend, and never offend
Till he lies drunk on the ground