Mama, I Know That You're Lonely,
And Mama, I Can See That You're Tired,
And Mama, I Know You Need Someone
To Stay Here And Bring Back Your Smile
Mama, I See You Look At Our Pictures,
As You Rock In Your Old Rocking Chair,
And Mama, I See You Look In The Mirror
At The Woman Who Once Had Red Hair.
Mama, Please Come Up To Missisauga,
Oh, You Know I Can't Stay In Glace Bay,
Jim And Joe Are At Home,
And They're All Alone,
And Mama, They Really Need Me.
Mama, In Your Sleep I Heard You Talking,
And Mom, I Didn't Like What I Heard,
You Were Asking The Good Lord Above You
To Take You From This Lonely World.
Mama, My Heart, It Is Breaking
To See You Alone And So Lost,
Wondering Why The Lord Took Your Husband
Just When You Needed Him Most
Mama, It's Been Almost A Year Now,
And No One Can Take Dear Dad's Place,
Little Did We Know On His Birthday,
You'd Be Called With A Smile On Your Face,
You'd Be Called With A Smile On Your Face.
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