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I'd Never Walk Away

Another foolish game
I guess this time you've lost
No more keeping score of what was said and who said what
Too bad you couldn't see what you could've had in me
I guess you'll never know that's the way these stories go
No, you won't change 'cause you haven't
My mind's made up I'm glad because now I'm

Feeling better to know I'm better
I've finally given up on all of the things you say
You didn't love me 'cause if you loved me
I've never walk away
I'd never walk away

Someday you'll realize this was no surprise
Why you couldn't see when I could so easily
No matter what you do this time we're through
And it's safe to say you've only got yourself to blame
You pushed me away and you know it
You should be ashamed and you show it now

####.... Maureen Ennis ....####