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I Used to Call Her Darling (But Now I Call Her Collect)

Well the times are rough, and it's gettin' tough
My darlin heard me say
I could stay at home and live like a bum
Or get a job far away
Then I packed my bags and I headed out
So I could pay my bills on time
Every where I stopped, I called her up
To tell her I'm doing fine

Chorus 1
I used to call her Darling, but now I call her collect
And the operator tells her, press one if you accept
And she better not refuse me, cause I won't send my pay cheque
I used to call Darling, but now I call her collect

I got me a job in Alberta
And I sent all my pay cheques home
I love you and I miss you , I can't wait to see you
That's what she used to tell me on the phone
She said I'm gonna fly out to be in your arms
If you got some more dough to send
But she took all my money, my house and my car
And ran off with my best friend

And I sure miss my friend

Chorus 2
I used to call her Darling, 'til I got a disconnect
The operator told me, it's time that you accept
It was one year later the telephone rang
And she had the nerve to call me collect
She started to call me Darling, 'til my new Darling took a fit

She used to call me Darling
But now she calls me collect

####.... A.Frank Willis ....####