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Me and Brother Bill

Well I've told you all the story about Aunt Martha's sheep
Well here's another story in my memory I will keep
So pull your chairs up close bys and listen to my tale
I'll sing to you a ballad of me & brother Bill

Twas early in the month of June beneath the summer sky
We started on our journey with a rod & reel & flies
Bill was an alcoholic so lots of booze he took
And very soon we were fishin' knee deep in a brook

The birds were singing sweetly & the river running wild
The salmon they were jumping in that good old Newfie style
Bill would cast his line out and in his pocket reach
& while he waited for a bite would have drink of screech

Now Bill got in a happy mood as more & more he drank
Until he saw a warden upon the river bank
His face did turn all colors' and he said "MY GOD, I'm caught
My liquor I remembered but my licence I forgot."

Now Bill he had no money so his fine I'd have to pay
So then I took it on me to see he got away
I dropped my rod & reel & started running for the shore
& when I reached the bushes I was running all the more

Now down the winding trail with the warden in the chase
I ran about a mile and fell flat upon my face
The warden he jumped on me & this to me did say
You're running from the law, boys, so now you're gonna pay

His eyes the shone like diamonds & he opened up his mouth
I reached into my pocket & my licence I pulled out
I did not break the law, sir, my record it is clean
Yhe man without the licence, well, you left back in the stream

So have yourself a smoke, sir don't matter anyhow
I do not know his name & I'm sure he's gone by now
Twas there I took a vow that I would never tell
The warden he would never know, it was my brother Bill

Now Bill he's sittin home with the salmons in the pan
He's sittin at the table with a big drink in his hand
He's laughin & a wonderin if the warden got me yet
But I'll tell you b'ys when I get home I'll break his bloody neck
Yes I'll tell you b"ys when I get home I'll break his bloody neck

####.... Wince and Ellis Coles, popularized by Dick Nolan ....####