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The Moon-Man Newfie


You might think it's goofy, but the man in the moon is a Newfie,
And he's sailing on to glory, away in the golden dory;
He's sailing on to glory, away in the golden dory.

Codfish Dan from Newfoundland,he dreamt that he had three wishes,
And he took Mars and all the stars and he turned them into big fishes;
He said the sky was much too dry, and he made a wavy motion,
And the moon, like a boat, began to floatupon the starry ocean.

One night, he strayed to the Milky Way, to cast his nets upon it;
He spied the tail of what he thought was a whale, and he harpooned Halley's comet;
He never had a pot for the fish he caught, so he had to use the big dipper;
And the Sun, by Jove, was a very good stove, for cookin' up smelts and kippers.

Now, the Northern Lights that seemed so bright, like nothin' could be grander;
Well, they're just waves of the moon-boat made by the Newfoundland Commander;
And don't you sigh and say " Oh, my! what gross exaggerations. "
'Cause he'll tell you the dreams was true, when Codfish Dan awakens.

####.... Stompin' Tom Connors ....####